Meeting Room Policy

Meeting Room Rental Agreement

Meeting Room Policy

The public meeting room at the Storm Lake Public Library is available for use by non-profit, civic, cultural, or educational groups during regular operating hours. The room is reserved in advance through the Library Director. Library-related needs take priority over other groups. Meeting Room use is reserved in the following order of priority:

  • Programs or meetings sponsored or co-sponsored by the Library.
  • Library related meetings and programs, including the Friends of the Library, and library organizations, such as the Northwest Iowa Library Service Area or the Buena Vista County Library Association.
  • Non-profit educational, informational, cultural or civic groups and organizations may reserve the meeting room for a fee of $10.
  • Other groups may reserve the meeting room for a fee of $25.
  • A deposit fee of $10 for Non-profit, and $25 for profit will be charged upon booking the meeting room. If the room is returned to its original state the fee will be returned to the point of contact pending library staff agreement to the state of the room.
  • Government agencies may use the room without charge (with prior approval).

Permission to use the meeting room does not constitute an endorsement of a group’s policies or beliefs.
The Storm Lake Public Library, its Board of Trustees, or the City of Storm Lake is not responsible for accidents, injury, or loss of individual property while the meeting room is in use.
The Library Board of Trustees will review the Meeting Room Policy periodically and reserves the right to amend the policy at any time.

Meeting Room Amenities

The room capacity for the meeting room at the Storm Lake Public Library is 49 persons.
Various tables and chairs are available, including a board meeting table and 12 executive chairs. The meeting room also has two rectangular tables, two circular tables, and eight wooden chairs. Additional tables and chairs are available upon request.
A coffee pot is available upon request. The library has a 12-cup and a 50-cup coffee pot. Please supply your own coffee, cups, and condiments.
The building has wireless Internet connection.
A portable screen is available upon request. The request must be made prior to the day of the meeting so library staff have time to set it up.
Room Reservation
Meeting room reservation must be completed by an adult 18 years of age or older with a valid library card or driver’s license. The person reserving the meeting room will be considered the contact person and the responsible party.
Payment for use must be made prior to the meeting time, preferably when the room reservation is made. The meeting room may be reserved up to six months in advance. Monthly meetings may only be reserved six months at a time unless otherwise approved by the library director.
Prior to using the meeting room, the contact person will check in at the Circulation Desk in the Library. Staff will unlock the Meeting Room door. When the meeting is over the contact person will inform the Circulation staff.
A responsible adult must be present at all times during the use of the meeting room.
Minors may use the meeting room with adult supervision (at least one adult per 10 children) who will assume complete responsibility for the activities in and condition of the premises.
Food and /or refreshments are permitted in the meeting rooms. All spills and related clean up is the responsibility of the individual or group renting the meeting room.
The Library reserves the right to cancel any reservation due to unforeseen circumstances. The Library may also cancel a reservation if Library policies or procedures are violated. In the event the Library cancels a reservation, any reservation fee collected will be refunded.
The library reserves the right to refuse the use of the meeting room to any group or individual.
A person or group denied permission to use the meeting room may appeal this decision at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Library Board of Trustees. The Storm Lake Public Library Board of Trustees meets the second Monday of the month. The appeal must be submitted in writing to the library director one week prior to the Board meeting.
All participants using the meeting room will be expected to conform to standards of good behavior and the library’s Code of

Conduct Policy

Meetings shall be held during regular Library hours and meeting room must be vacated at least 15 minutes prior to closing time.


State law prohibits smoking or the use of tobacco within the library building.
Possession and consumption of controlled substances is prohibited on library premises.
Library staff are not responsible for setup for a group. Groups are responsible for setting up the meeting room with the chair and table arrangement desired. Groups are responsible for leaving the room in order and free of litter. A group using the meeting room assumes liability for any damage to the building, furnishings, or equipment and will be billed for any necessary repairs and clean up.
The name, address, or telephone of the library may not be used as the address or headquarters for any group using the library for meeting purposes except the Friends of the Library.
Equipment, supplies, or personal effects cannot be stored or left in the library before or after use of the meeting room.
No admission charges, collections, tuition, sales (except for regular club dues) or other money raising activities are permitted, except those sponsored by the library or library related groups unless specifically approved by the Board of Trustees.
Person(s) using the meeting room cannot attach any materials that will damage floors, walls, woodwork or any other library property.
Candles, kerosene lamps, or other flammable lighting devices may not be used in the meeting room.

The Meeting Room Policy was revised by the Storm Lake Public Library Board of Trustees on February 12, 2007, January 9, 2012.