Bridges Requests

New information on how to request titles to be added to Bridges our online library!

Bridges is changing how patrons recommend new titles.  Now readers will have the option to discover and sample excerpts from hundreds of thousands of "Additional Titles" beyond their library's collection. Via "Recommend to Library" links, users can also suggest titles they'd like to see added to the catalog, giving Bridges a new method of patron-driven acquisition.  This will allow patrons to actually see what’s available for purchase instead of asking for titles publishers won’t sell to the consortia.


Patrons will have to be logged into Bridges in order to make a recommendation.  They’ll be limited to 3 recommendations per week so that the system doesn’t become overloaded.  They will be able to have requested titles automatically placed on hold if purchased, so that limitation should keep them from outpacing their individual hold queue.  Being logged in also prevents non-Iowans and authors from requesting their own books, a problem we have been seeing.