Faxing, Scans and Copies

The library offers affordable fax, scan and photocopy services. After one enters the front door, there is a public copier for self-service copying in black-and-white or color and in legal or letter size. This copier is user friendly and only takes cash.

The copier at the Front Desk is for public computer printing or printing from your digital devices. There is no wireless printer at our library. Scan service is available at the Front Desk, please have email addresses ready for retrieval or sending. 

For fax, either domestic or international, please come to the Front Desk ready with the fax number and all paperwork.

Fees per page

B&W photocopy or computer print $0.25
B&W legal (11.5x14 inches) photocopy or computer print $0.40
Color photocopy or computer print $1.00
Scan to email or print first page only $1.00
Scan to email or print additional pages $0.25
Domestic fax per page $1.00
International fax per page $3.00