The City of Storm Lake has hired Woodruff Construction to construct improvements related to HVAC Improvements and renovation of a telehealth room at the City Library. As a part of this project the contractor may be seeking local individuals to work on the project, including local individuals who are classified as Section 3 employees.
For example, if you are resident of Buena Vista County and make less than $44,200 individually you may qualify as a Section 3 employee, and you are encouraged to reach out to the contractor on this project at
Woodruff Construction
Phone: 515-576-1118
Mail: 1890 Kountry Lane
Fort Dodge, Iowa 50501
In addition, it is anticipated that the prime contractor on this job may have subcontractors on this job who may also be in need of employees. Additional information on potential jobs with subcontractors on this project may be obtained from the contractor above.
The proposed project is a federally funded project and subject to the Section 3 provisions of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968 and the Federal Davis-Bacon Act. The contractor on this project may or may not have positions available for this project but if they are hiring for this project, they are required to consider Section 3 employees as part of that employment opportunity.
The City of Storm Lake is only providing notification of these potential employment opportunities and does not have any role in the review, analysis, or decisions regarding applicants for this job.

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