Video Games Offered at the Library

Our Wii is up and running now! Just ask at the front desk to use the Wii.

*to be played in the library

  • Sonic and the Black Knight






  • Just Dance 3







  • Wipeout: Create and Crash





  • Wii Play







  • Disney's the Princess and the Frog

  • New Super Mario Bros






  • Mario Kart






  • Excite Bots








  • Wii Sports







  • Deca Sports 3

  • Fishing Master World Tour




  • Rayman Raving Rabbids




  • Mario Strikers Charged




  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl




  • Chicken Riot

Wii Rules

  • Fill out sign up sheet first.

  • The check out period for a game is 30 minutes.

  • All remotes must be clipped onto your wrist.

  • Be respectful of other players and patrons in the library.

  • Please return all pieces to the circ desk when finished.

  • Wii players may not make a computer reservation and be signed up or play Wii at the same time.


      Thank You!